Can We Avoid Beer and Find an Alternative

According to studies, excessive drinking of beer can be dangerous to your health. Liver and kidney problems are among the common medical conditions you’ll acquire from excessive regular drinking. In addition, it can be an expensive vice that can give you problems with your finances. Whether you’re concerned with your health or finances, you must find ways on how to avoid drinking beer.

While it’s easy to plan on avoiding beer, doing it is actually challenging and difficult. Despite difficulties though, it’s possible to put an end to your addiction to beer. If you have a plan to stop drinking beer for health reasons or to save money, prepare yourself for serious challenges.

Know the Complications of Excessive Drinking of Beer

It’s always better to have an idea on what you’re going into. People who drink beer in excessive amount have a tendency to do stupid things. In addition, they are also prone to liver and kidney damages. Alcohol is also a known cause of various types of cancer. If you’re not careful with your drinking, your happy moments can result in serious medical conditions in the long run. As a drinker, it’s time you learn about the complications of too much drinking of beer.

According to the statistics, most of the people all around the world who’ve committed crime were under the influence of alcohol, including beer. Drinking too much alcohol can affect our thinking. Basically, it can reduce your judgment which can lead to problems. Your love for beer can also cause serious damages on your relationship with your family. More often than not, you’ll leave your family just to be with your friends for a couple of beers. Hanging out with your friends isn’t wrong. However, you need to give more time and importance to your family. Addiction to beer drinking will affect your relationship both with friends and family if not handled properly.

Regular, heavy drinkers are raising the risk of acquiring cancer. According to studies, people who drink beer in excess on a regular basis are prone to contracting the dreaded disease. Among the types of cancers that can be acquired from drinking beer are mouth, throat (pharynx), voice box (larynx), esophagus, liver, colon and rectum, and breast cancer. Similarly, drinking too much beer can also increase the risk of cancer of the pancreas.

Drinking excessive amount of alcohol may damage the body tissues which can cause cancer cells. According to science, damaged cells will try to repair themselves. As a result, this may lead to DNA changes in the cells. Such cells can be instrumental to the development of cancer. If not detected earlier, it can lead to more complicated medical conditions. Regular drinkers are prone to doing damage to the body tissues. This is why many beer drinkers became cancer victims.

Daily consumption of beer can also raise your blood pressure. If you’re drinking approximately 40g of alcohol on a regular basis, don’t be surprised if your blood pressure has increased significantly. People who drink regularly over the minimum amount often experience the symptoms of blood pressure. If you’re not careful with drinking too much beer, there’s a chance that you’ll run through various serious medical conditions caused by high blood pressure.

Lastly, excessive drinking of beer can be an expensive vice. As mentioned above, you’ll have a hard time managing your finances once you’ve been addicted to its taste. It’s important that you address the problem before it gets out of hand. Basically, it’s one of the common reasons why a lot of people are having a hard time with their finances. If you’re concerned about your financial situation, you should find a way to put an end to this habit.

Alternative to Drinking Beer

Although beer is one of the most famous beverages in the world, it can also be one of the most devastating drinks when not controlled. As a regular drinker, you can find alternatives to reduce your addiction to beer. Although some are alcoholic drinks, you’ll find them less addictive due to several reasons.


If you want to avoid beer but do not want to give it up for a less manly drink, wine is a good alternative drink. Nowadays, wine is considered as a manly drink. Wine is more expensive than beer though which is why it is a good alternative to it. If you’re conscious with your finances, you’ll probably think twice before you purchase a bottle of wine. In fact, you might use your money on grocery stuff instead of purchasing an alcoholic drink. Wine is less intoxicating which is good for people who do stupid things when drunk. In addition, it is considered as a more decent drink. As a matter of fact, wine is often offered on classy social gatherings and important occasions.


Bronx, Manhattan, and kamikaze are three examples of manly cocktails. These three are good alternative to your beer. Although you might not like them as much as you love your beer, they are actually decent replacements. Just like with wine, cocktails are also more expensive than beer. Although some people won’t mind about the expenses, any person who’s trying to get back on track financially will think twice before purchasing cocktails. And because of the cost, there’s a huge chance you’ll end up controlling your craving for such alcoholic drink.

Cocktails will also give you various options on what to drink. Despite the fact that they can also be addictive, experts find them less attractive because of various reasons. One of the main reasons why most men don’t like them is because they are often associated or referred to as women’s drink. Although this is not true, most people brand them as such. In addition, they can also be expensive, colorful, and have funny names. Normally, male drinkers would take beer over cocktails on any given date. This is why beer is far more popular than any cocktail served at bars.


Water is the best alternative to beer. Although we often don’t appreciate its taste, water is one of the best drinks we can provide to our body. Unlike with beer, it doesn’t have alcohol content that can cause problems. In addition, it’s less expensive which means we won’t have financial problems down the road. Although there’s no such thing as spending a night with your friends while drinking water, you can actually have a nice conversation without drinking beer. If you’re concerned about your health, you better replace your beer with water or any alternative you can find.

Any person can avoid beer while finding an alternative drink. If you’re already addicted to drinking beer, it’s important to slowly remove it from your system. It’s highly advised that you follow a gradual process to avoid putting yourself on a shock. You should never rush your actions to make sure that you won’t have problems in the long run.

It’s easy to avoid beer when you know the consequences of drinking too much of the alcoholic beverage. In addition, you can say no to beer easier if you’ve found a replacement or alternative that you love. Although it’s not easy to let go of it, removing it from your hobbies is a big step in having a healthy life. On the other hand, it’s also good to your health if you know how to handle it.

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