Hating the United States

A recent study showed results that should be making some US foreign policy-makers more than a bit nervous. The study shows that the number of people who see the US in a positive way is on the decline. A survey conducted on 39 countries with almost 40,000 respondents have shown that even in countries that are considered to be traditional allies of the US, the number of people pro-Americans are dropping. These countries include Germany, Britain and France.

What’s even more alarming is that even a country which is considered to be a key ally actually dislikes the US, or at least its people do. That country is Pakistan, which actually topped the survey when it comes to the country that views the US in the least positive light.

Pakistan’s Lack of Love for the US

According to the survey, only 11 % of Pakistanis see America and its influence in their country in a positive way. What’s particularly troubling about this is the fact that Pakistan is a major US ally and has been receiving billions of dollars in military aid.

Modern American Pakistani and American relationship started back when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. The U.S. instead of fighting against the Soviet forces directly opted to support the Mujahidin or the Afghan freedom fighters. The CIA sent weapons and used the Pakistan to funnel the weapons so it could be used by the fighters. Reports say that Pakistan skimmed off a great deal of the aid and kept most of it.

On top of that Pakistan has been receiving a great deal of aid from the United States each year. But despite of all the aid that the Americans have given to them it seems that Pakistanis still do not like Americans. This lack of love partly stems from the fact that America is seen as fighting followers of Islam. So Pakistan is really caught between two stones by allying itself with America.

The Issue of Drones

A more recent cause of the Pakistani dislike for America is the latter’s use of drones within Pakistani territory. Most Pakistanis sees it as a violation of their country’s sovereignty. The relationship between the two countries can be complicated at times and nothing could illustrate that complication than the fact that Bin Laden was killed by American forces within Pakistani territory, in a house that is practically just outside of Pakistan’s military academy.

Countries That Still Like the U.S.

The good news for America is that there are still many countries around the world that like the U.S. These countries include Israel, South Korea and the Philippines. One should note that these countries are actually faced by real threats from neighbouring countries. South Korea is still on a constant war footing against its evil twin, North Korea. The Philippines is being bullied by China over some territories and Israel as always is threatened with annihilation by its neighbours. Maybe it’s about time that the U.S. gave aid to countries that really deserve it.

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