A Simple Guide to Raising Your Dog

Dogs could be considered as good gifts for special occasions like birthdays. The celebrant-recipients usually feel excited when they get a puppy for free. What most people do not know or fail to anticipate is that raising a pup requires more than just your emotions. A puppy needs food, shelter, exercise, bathing and grooming, de-worming, vaccinations, and other things to keep them healthy.

Every individual should ask themselves a couple of questions before they get a puppy. One of these questions is “am I responsible enough to raise a puppy and provide its needs for at least 10 to 12 years?” If you can’t answer the question(s), perhaps it would be best to get something different than a dog.

A responsible dog owner, on the other hand, can take good care of a puppy. For the first timers, raising a pup can be quite challenging. At the same time, it can also be fun and exciting as long as you know what you are doing. So, how can an average individual raise a dog and enjoy the responsibilities attached to it? Here’s a simple guide on how you can raise your own dog from puppyhood to adulthood.

  • Nutrition – feeding your dog on time isn’t the only thing needed to keep him healthy. Proper nutrition is required in order to maintain good health. You can find a good number of premium quality dog foods on the market nowadays. Each is complete with the vitamins and minerals needed by your fur buddy. Choose one that you think will provide the nutrients your dog needs on a day-to-day basis. If you are more on the natural side of nutrition, you can choose raw diets for your dog. There are several options when it comes to feeding your canine with raw food. Commercial raw foods can give you quick meals if you do not wish to do it by yourself. However, you can also prepare the raw food by yourself if you have time to do so. Raw feeding can be time consuming, as you need to freeze meat and bones to get rid of the bad micro organisms. A good diet fed on a regular basis is a key ingredient to the healthy body and mind of your dog.
  • Exercise – if you believe in the popular phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” for people, perhaps you would also believe that a daily exercise would keep sickness away from your dog as it applies to us also. Regular exercise would help build up the immunity of your pet while toning the muscles for a better physique. In addition, it’s one of the best ways to keep your dog calm. Dogs without exercises usually tend to become destructive. A good exercise will stimulate the mind of the dog. It allows them to relax and put their focus on something productive instead of destroying things. How much time you spend on their exercise would depend on their needs and lifestyle.
  •  Shelter – aside from providing food for them, you also need to give them a place to stay. A dog will sleep anywhere. It doesn’t really matter if you have a nice place or a shabby one as long as they have a place to rest, especially during a bad weather. As an owner, you need to provide a dog house or a cage if you aren’t planning on keeping them inside your house. However, if you don’t mind keeping them inside the house, then there’s no need for you to build one. Dogs are happy if they feel your love. They are extremely delighted when you treat them as part of the family. After all, most dogs treat their owner as their pack leader.
  • Bathing and Grooming – any dog would appreciate a good, warm bath as well as an occasional grooming. Every dog needs to be bathed at least once a month or as needed. Aside from the smell, dogs without bathing and grooming tend to attract bacteria that can cause skin allergies as well as various types of diseases. If you think you do yourself a favor when you bathe your dog(s), think again as you actually provide them what they need.
  • Vaccinations and De-worming – you need to vaccinate your dog as per advice of your veterinarian. Vaccinations are important as they protect your fur buddy from viruses that can possibly harm or kill your pet. You also need to update your de-worming on a regular basis to get rid of intestinal parasites that competes for the nutritional requirement of your pet. Regular update of both the vaccination and de-worming should be followed by a dog owner to keep your pet healthy and far from endangering his health.
  • Owner-Pet Bond -building a bond is also important when it comes to strengthening the relationship between a master and a pet. A good bond usually ends with a happy dog which then results in another good thing. You’ll never know how much benefit you will build up when you work on developing your relationship with your dog.
  • Create an Order – in order to live peacefully with your pet dog, you need to create a clear ranking around the pack. While your dog may treat you as the master of the house, you will sometimes experience threat to your throne. A dog will sometimes try to steal your rank from you. One way to keep peace is by asserting the dog that you are the one setting the rules inside the house and not the other way around. Dogs that are well-trained and abiding by the rules of the house are often the ones who are happy with their lives. In case your puppy is running the house, perhaps it’s time for you to step up and take charge of the pack!

Why You Need These

All of the above-mentioned are key factors to raising a healthy puppy or dog. As mentioned, a responsible dog owner would see if all of these are met and provided. Anyone who’s planning on raising a dog should consider following these to enjoy the pet they have. If not, then they’ll have a hard time raising their pet.

Raising a dog isn’t a difficult and demanding task. In fact, it’s something worth trying out if you’re looking for fun and excitement. In addition, you won’t be bored especially if you enjoy puppy antics. As a dog owner, you’ll be ok as long as you know what your dog needs on a daily basis. Once you know how to take care of your dog, raising them to adulthood can be easy. Although there are challenges along the road, being a responsible owner will make things much easier for the two of you. Consider providing all of the above-mentioned tips and you’ll have a great life with your dog.

Taking care of a dog doesn’t require technical skills in order to be successful. In fact, you don’t need to be a veterinarian to enjoy a healthy dog. All you need is love, commitment, passion, and some money to give your dog. Keep in mind that anyone can raise a puppy or dog as long as they handle their responsibility well.

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