Interesting Facts About Wedding

Marriage is a solemn confirmation of your commitment of love to your husband or wife to be. For many people, it’s sacred and very important as it spells their future relationship with their chosen partner for life. They are excited about interesting facts about weddings. Some would even adopt a specific marriage ritual of other people to make their own wedding unique and memorable.

However, there are individuals who are not wedding believers. If you are one of them, perhaps you are cheap, lazy, or you don’t put value tradition. Worst, these types of persons are either man or woman haters or simply don’t love their fiancées. It would be good for them to know some facts about wedding that could make them change their minds. When you gain more knowledge about something like wedding, the possibility to change your mind is higher.

What is A Wedding

Wedding is a celebration of marriage vows between husband and wife to be. It is commonly a traditional church ritual, a government officiated contract signing or a tradition practiced by a group of people to live together as husband and wife. It varies from country to country and from one religion to another according to their beliefs. However, the common denominator of a wedding event is the love and commitment of the men and women who would get wed to each other.

Regardless of the wedding venue or type of ceremonies held, the marriage vow is always a part of the ceremony. They pledge that they will keep company no matter what; in dire need or prosperity until death do them part, is indispensable. Wedding is the foundation of a happy family. And there are many facts to support it.

Facts About Marriage

Many of us have heard these commonly known facts but don’t really understand them fully. Here are some of them for your information.

  • White wedding-before white became the popular color of wedding dresses in 1840 after Queen Victoria wore a white bridal gown during her wedding with Prince Albert; red, blue, purple or even back laced with gold and silver stitches were already some of the favorites. It was only after their wedding that white or “chaste” became the status quo in wedding dress’ colors.
  • Pucker up-it is believed that when a man kisses his wife in the morning, he will live five more years longer than those who do not. Have you been practicing this fact to extend your tenure in this planet? You’ll lose nothing if you do it regularly.
  • June bride-many couples planning their weddings believe that choosing to be a June bride is the perfect thing to do to hold their marriage. What is the reason behind this? Well, in ancient Roman mythology, Juno is the goddess of marriage who is considered to bless the marital union of the bride and groom who marry in the month of June.
  • Give it away-selflessness is a key to marital bliss to many couples. A study conducted revealed that being unselfish results in a very happy marriage. Of the total participants on that survey revealed that 67% of the more altruistic married couples have rated their marital relationship as very happy. On the other hand, only 50% of the less unselfish participants have rated their own marriage as very happy. Giving your way to your partner is showing unselfish behavior and that’s a positive indication of being greatly in love.
  • Ring around the finger-it was the Archduke Maximilian of Austria who popularized the giving of a ring to his fiancée when he gave a diamond ring to his betrothed wife May of Burgundy in 1947. This tradition which happened dating back to the Roman times has since then became a tradition in weddings until today.
  • Say cheese-do you know that you can have the best pick of a good partner through the big smile on his or her picture taken during college days? Search for the yearbook then of your fiancée or would be partner for life. A study conducted in 2009 showed that the intensity of the persons’ smile in their college yearbook photos that were ranked 1-10 to have the biggest smiles have not divorced their partners. However, around 25% on the bottom of that survey with not so big smiles, 10% of them have filed divorce on their marriage.
  • Girl power-it is a common knowledge that marriage proposals come from men. But do you know that women gain the same privilege in Scotland through a law in 1228 allowing the bride-to-be to propose marriage to the groom? This right given to women spread over Europe since then.
  • Criminal minds-you may not know what’s inside your partner’s mind, but marriage can reduce his or her criminal inclination. Yes, according to a study conducted in 2010, marriage can lessen criminal tendencies by 35%. This is attributed to the belief that when you love and marry a person, you’ll stay out of trouble whenever possible for him or her.
  • Tie the knot-we always hear the phrase “tie the knot” which refers to getting married. Do you know that this came from a pre-biblical tradition called “hand fasting”? In the olden times, betrothed couples would join hands to signify that they were wed for a year and a day. This is done by joining hands-his right to her right, his left to her left before several witnesses. This is repeated after the said time had passed where they will renew the same tradition to each other for another year and a day and repeats it until the end of time.
  • Ring finger-we can easily identify a married person the way he or she wears a ring; that is on the ring finger. The ring finger is the fourth finger of the left hand. This began in ancient Roman times where they believed that there is a vein on that particular finger that leads directly to the heart. The Romans call this finger “vena amoris” which means the “vein of love”.
  • Mind or matter-in 2007, scientists have discovered that men when in love manifest in the visual part of their brains more activities. Women on the other hand, show the same increase in activities on the part of their brains that governs memory. The difference is attributed to anthropology instead of biology. They theorized that men are after fertility features of their partners. Women who can’t make conclusion on the fertility of their male partners by physical appearances would then remember certain features that will show him as a good mate.
  • Bridesmaids’ blues-we always see how bridesmaids’ dresses are always identical to the colors of the bride’s or groom’s attire. But do you know the reason behind it? In ancient Rome, it is the belief that majority of the bridesmaids (usually ten witnesses) should wear the same identical clothing to confuse the evil spirit that may come and cause havoc to the wedding ceremony.
  • Sealed with a kiss-a kiss in ancient Rome signifies the sealing of a contract. So kissing the bride is equivalent to affixing your signature and confirming the marriage agreement. However, later on in the Church of England, it was required that the bride should first kiss the minister before she can plant a kiss on the groom. This tradition of kissing the bride (of course with the present revision) has remained a vital part in wedding ceremonies all over the globe.

There are more facts about weddings which you can think of or have witnessed in several marriage ceremonies. You’ll note that most of these were manifestations of love and commitment of the wedding parties. And you’ll see on the faces of the bride and the groom how excited they are when they include these facts in their own wedding events.

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