The Essentials of a Wedding Program

People have their own preferences in celebrating their weddings. Some would like it to be held on a glamorous venue like in their favorite churches and finest hotels for their reception. They want to celebrate it with all the extravagance they could afford to make it memorable. Others would be contented in a simple outdoor wedding style ceremony. They would be contented just to have it done and the cost is not important to them. Whatever the choice is, wedding is definitely a manifestation of a person’s love towards another man or woman. It is a celebration of joy and excitement of an event that is most significant to the couple. The same feeling is shared by both families of the marrying parties as well.

This is achieved if all the essentials of a wedding ceremony are in place and done in order. What a wonderful experience when you experience complete happiness on your big day with your loved ones and the person you’ve chosen to marry. Nothing can be compared with this day that will happen only once in your life. And do you know that a simple wedding program can do all these wonderful things to make your wedding successful? Yes it can make the difference to make your wedding occasion an event that is orderly and well-executed.

What Is A Wedding Program

Wedding is a once in a lifetime event that many people wish to make worth remembering. Some would start saving for this big day even years ahead of the actual occasion in order to have the necessary finances to make it happen as planned. Starting with the engagement rings up to the details of the reception foods, everything is taken care of when you have put much thought on it. There are massive preparations and a guide is drafted to see to it that all things are covered in a wedding program. This piece of paper puts in detail every part of the marital rite. Each segment of the marriage event is duly noted in order to avoid any hassle during this most important occasion of your existence. Suffice it to say that there is no chance of committing an embarrassing scene during the wedding.

Usefulness Of A Wedding Program

The importance of a wedding program cannot be discounted. While it could be a mere scrap of paper to others, its value to make the wedding affair in proper perspective and truly successful is unquantifiable. Without it, there would be chaos and the wedding would be disorderly. A well-planned wedding always go with a wedding program. Here are some of the usefulness of a wedding program, especially when the following circumstances are present.

  • A wedding program is useful when there are numerous guests coming from other religious beliefs or cultures and the wedding is conducted under a religious rite or traditional wedding. With the aid of a wedding program, those who are not familiar with the religious celebration are properly informed beforehand. No one would feel offended though the rite being conducted is not in agreement with their beliefs and customs. It is a neutralizer in the sense that it conveys the message that everybody is well-informed on what is about to happen in every part of the wedding program.
  • It also serves the purpose well when you have a big wedding affair where guests would not have the opportunity to know or get acquainted with the bridal party. With a wedding program on hand, every visitor would readily identify the bridal entourage whose pictures appear on the wedding program. It would be easy for everybody to get them familiarize with the faces shown on the wedding program, especially when they have changed their wedding attires during the entertainment phase of visitors. It will help a lot in making every guest feel at home as they know the important people involved in the wedding.
  • When your wedding ceremony is quite longer to officiate, a program would keep your guests in-place and forget boredom. Why? They have something to read about and follow through patiently until the wedding rite is over. Just imagine if you don’t have a listing of the sequence of the event. Many of your guests would feel exhausted without a guide to tell them that the length of every part of the program is indicated therein. It could provide relief when guests are about to feel tired of waiting for the rite to finish.
  • When you have to thank many people, a wedding program would best fit the job required. With the written note on your wedding rite execution, you can extend your deepest gratitude to all your guests by a thank you note on it. Imagine, without this piece of paper, it would take you a great amount of effort and time to extend your thanks to every visitor who attended your wedding. It takes your place without personally conveying your appreciation of their presence on your wedding day.

Parts Of A Wedding Program

What should you put on a wedding program to make it effective and convey what you want to relay? Below is a list of the items that should appear on this important guide about your wedding celebration.

List of the names and role of your wedding party, like;

  • Officiating minister name
  • Parents of the bride names
  • Parents of the groom names
  • Grandparents names
  • Maid of honor name
  • Best man name
  • Bridesmaids names
  • Groomsmen names

You can also add other things that you want to include in your wedding program like:

  • A short explanation about the rituals or tradition that were included in your ceremony.
  • If you have included audience participation in certain parts of the wedding ceremony, then it should be mentioned.
  • Your message of thanks is aptly conveyed on this paper.
  • You can also include a memorabilia note about your parents or important individuals in your life.
  • A short note about your groomsmen and bridesmaids is also appropriate.
  • A short note about the importance of your wedding theme, the location you’ve chosen including a map, the first dance, and other part of the wedding rite.

A wedding program simply guides everyone in a marriage ceremony about the sequence of the activities. It helps the guests and the participants as well how every part of the affair is executed to make it in order and well-appreciated. With a program to follow, any hitch that could possibly spoil this big event is checked and prevented from occurring. Every part of the program has been rehearsed if possible to avoid error and make the affair perfect and successful.

Of course a good wedding program always entails a corresponding budget to execute it to the fullest. To most couples, this is not a problem even with the simplest wedding program. What most wedding partners are after is the success of their nuptial day according to what they have planned. And this can only be achieved with the use of a well-defined wedding program. The importance of it can never be underestimated.

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