The Fall of Uncle Sam

A lot of experts are now claiming that we are now seeing the decline of America as the world’s sole superpower. If that is really what’s happening now, then its reign as the sole dominating country in the world is relatively short one. The Roman Empire dominated Europe and North Africa for centuries. The British Empire became dominant after it defeated Napoleon and its reign only ended after World War Two. The reign of the United States only started after it won the Second World War and now, if what they say is true then Uncle Sam is fading away.

Manifest Destiny

The United States’ first major role in the world stage started at the end of the 19th century. A generation before that, the United has fought the bloodiest war the world has ever known since then, the Civil War, but it was able to fully recover and was ready to do more and take on more challenges. It was expanding industrially at an outstanding rate back then. It was able to connect its vast lands with railroads. It was a young nation eager to become a world power.

The opportunity came when the Spanish American War broke out. Spain was in no shape to fight against the young nation and it was trounced thoroughly. The United States got several territories including Puerto Rico and the Philippines which it dutifully colonized like any self-respecting power would.

The World Wars

During World War One its entry into the fray tipped the balance to the side of the Allies assured them victory. It was also the major driving force behind the defeat of the Germans and the Japanese during the Second World War. After the fighting died, the United States became stronger than ever before. It was the mightiest democracy back then.

The Cold War

The Second World War soon gave way to the Cold War which was basically a staring contest between America and the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union was able to come up with its own Atomic weapons however things became more serious. People never know when someone crazy enough would push the button starting the nuclear holocaust. But even during the Cold War, the United States was the sole commercial super power in the world. Its business interests were all over the globe. Then the Soviet Union collapsed and the U.S. found itself to be the lone superpower.


But now America is being faced with challenges. Its industries while still large and powerful are slowly losing its edge. Its economy is still crippled and a lot of people are dissatisfied with the way things are. What is even more troubling is the fact that many countries in the world are slowly losing faith in the U.S.. More and more countries are looking towards other powers for leadership and aid. China is America’s leading rival now and its influence is steadily increasing in the developing countries.

America should act soon if it wants to keep its place as the world’s most powerful nation.

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